Freitag, 31. Januar 2014

Nature performance: Sky moods and sunset in Vorarlberg's Rhine Valley / Himmelsstimmungen und Sonnuntergang

Spectacular clouds and sunset at the Rhine-Valley 
with sight over the Swiss mountains of Appenzell

Schauspiel Wolkenspiel und Sonnenuntergang im Rheintal,
Blick zu den Schweizer Appenzeller Bergen

From the clouds, it must fall
From the gods lap happiness,
And the most powerful of all rulers
 is the moment. 

Aus den Wolken muß es fallen,
Aus der Götter Schoß das Glück,
Und der mächtigste von allen
Herrschern ist der Augenblick.

-Friedrich Schiller

One of my videos / Photo Dia Shows:

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  1. Enjoyed watching the video - wonderful depiction of different moods in this beautiful heavenly place.

    1. Your comment has 'landed' :-), i just had to confirm it first. I am very pleased to know that you enjoyed the sky pictures and moods. Many thanks for your effort to put the comment and for your lovely feedback friends! had really missed you ...
      best greetings from Austria

  2. Fantastic photography and beautifully presented. Especially loved the warm color tones of the clouds. Simply amazing view! Well done, dear Gina. Best wishes, my dear friend! :-)