Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2015

Close Ups with the Red Admiral Butterfly [HD1080 quality]

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life
is the foundation for all abundance.”
― Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth:
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Red Admiral - Vanessa atalanta Nymphalidae (Brush-footed Butterflies) 

The Red Admiral has a very erratic, rapid flight,  flight time from July to October. 
The Admiral lives in the mild areas of Central Europe, throughout the year. Due to the climate change it hibernates  increasingly also in northeast. In mild winter also young larvae or pupae can survive.  The Admiral is often observed on fallen fruit in the fall while vacuuming.
The caterpillars live on the nettle.
Red Admirals prefer sap flows on trees, fermenting fruit, and bird droppings; visiting flowers only when these are not available. Then they will nectar at common milkweed, red clover, aster, and alfalfa, among others.

In northern Europe, it is one of the last butterflies to be seen before winter sets in.

In my Video you can see this beautiful butterfly suckling the last nectar on flowering butterfly bush and having a rest on the ground:

Photographies and Video work © by Gina Matt

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  1. What an amazing capture, dear Gina. Absolutely stunning work. Love the video as well! :-))

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  2. What an amazing capture, dear Gina. Absolutely stunning work. Love it! Thank you for sharing

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